Relationship Between Search Engines and SEO

Relationship Between Search Engines and SEO
Relationship Between Search Engines and SEO

What does it mean when a website is listed #1 on the Google search results for input keyword or phrase? It means that the website contains the most relevant content. But in fact, there isn’t just one website in the search results, there are millions of other websites that are listed #2, #3 and so on. It all depends on how well a website is search engine optimized. Hence, search engines are very closely related to SEO and there is no other way to rank on search engines until you go for a proper SEO.

What is a Niche Website?
A Website that Focuses on Specific Information that is Both Useful and Interesting for the
Audience. To further analyze What Are Niche Websites, we must drill down into the nuances
of my definition. Specific in the context of niche means something that focuses on a Well-
Defined area. An example of a non-niche site would be MSN is a website that
focuses on many different issues and subjects. Another example of a non-niche site would also be Amazon. Although the focus is on shopping, the niche area is not specific enough. Examples of Niche websites DO include a website about Kitchen Appliances or a website discussingTravel in Las Vegas. Niche Websites can even get more specific such as a website focused onONE product or ONE issue. The point is that the website must be EXTREMELY SPECIFIC tobe considered a Niche.

Niche Sites focus on a very specific set of information or products that readers or purchaser are looking for. For example, a Niche Website normally will not have 10,000 visitors per
month. If it does, this website would be called an Authority Site. An Authority Site is a websitethat has been given a huge boost from search engines because it has become an authority on asubject. Although the subject might be a Niche and very specific, an Authority Site is muchlarger than a Niche Site. Of course, your Niche Website can always transition into an AuthoritySite. Examples of a niche can be “health”, “education”, “entertainment”, “music”, “travel andtourism”, “jobs”, “fashion”, etc

The process of building them is much easier. You only need to write a limited amount of
content and you can just work on the search engine aspects. It would take me 2 to 3 hours tobuild one single Micro Niche Website. The search engine portion requires persistence;
however, it will be worth it if a website can coast for months on end making you at least
$100.00 per month.

Examples of a niche can be “ache”, “back pain”, “college”, “home schooling”, “dog training”,
“carpet cleaning”, “quit smoking”, etc.

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