6 Ways To Save Your Mobile Data


Do you use a lot of mobile data? Many of you use 3G services on your device for internet access. Using 3G services can be pretty fast but a lot expensive. 3G loads your data fast and smoothly, there’s no doubt on that but it also consumes a lot of data and hence charges you a great expense. When you turn on your mobile data there are a lot of apps drawing your data and also background apps so you tend to use more data. Here are few ways that can help to save your mobile data.

Turn off Auto Updates

Update through your mobile data can consume a lot of data so it is wise to turn off auto updates as soon as you can. Only use Wi-Fi networks to update apps from Google Play. Under the general settings section of Play Store, you can choose Do not update apps, Auto update apps at any time and Update using only Wi-Fi network. It is always recommended to choose Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only unless you have unlimited mobile date service.

Restrict background data

Android uses a lot of data even when the users are not using it. This is because of the many apps using data on background. This makes your data loss even when you are not using it. Email syncing, feed updating, weather updates, widgets that uses data are some of the background processes that uses data. To save data you should restrict background data by going to the setting -> data usage -> Restrict background data. This may vary depending on the android and devices version.

Use Chrome data saver

You can use chrome data compressor to save your mobile data usage. The Chrome data saver compresses the data before loading the webpage on your browser which alone saves upto 35% of data. The webpage may load a bit slowly but soon you will get used to it. Use Chrome data saver to load every webpage and surfing the internet. To do this, launch Chrome and go to settings. On the bottom section you will find data saver, click on it and then turn on.

Use Opera Max

Opera Max is a great data saving app for your device. Opera Max takes full control of your mobile data usage by analyzing the apps using more data, compressing the data, managing background data and so on. Opera Max also saves your Wi-Fi data. Using Opera Max can really boost of your data usage time because it saves your data even while using YouTube, Netflix and other more data consuming apps. You can save up to 40% data using Opera Max. You can view significant advantages of using Opera Max within few hours of using it.



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